October 17, 2016

Infernal Heritage

Sorcerous Origin
Comments from the Finger: This is an oft' requested item that draws inspiration from the Hellfire Warlock of 3.5

Infernal Heritage

You are descended from fiends of the Lower Planes, eternal enemies of light and good. The traits have shown up in your bloodline for generations: hot blood, habitual cruelty, and bone spurs of horns barely visible on the head, but you were born with a stronger connection. You can summon unearthly fire at your fingertips that burns most anything, and you feel the constant urge to scorch those who stand in your way. And, of course, like your ancestors before you, you lust for power and to corrupt the souls of the innocent.

Dark Dealer
At 1st level, you have a devil's silver tongue and sharp wit, which you find is best used to despoil the innocent. You have advantage on any check you make to negotiate the terms of a deal or write a binding contract in your favor.

Infernal flames burn in your blood. At 1st level, whenever you deal damage with a sorcerer spell, you can change the damage type to fire damage. Also, when you deal fire damage, you ignore damage resistance,

Persistent Rebuke
Starting at 6th level, you can use your reaction when you take damage to spend one sorcery point and cast the spell hellish rebuke without expending a spell slot.

Descendant Fiend
By 14th level, you are more like your fiendish ancestors than anyone else in your lineage. You have resistance to cold damage. Additionally, you can use your bonus action to spend 3 sorcery points and gain resistance to bludgeoning, piercing, or slashing damage from nonmagical weapons aren't silvered until the beginning of your next turn.

True Hellfire
At 18th level, you fire burns hotter than any originating on the mortal planes. When you roll fire damage, you deal an additional point of damage for each die rolled. Additionally, if you deal damage to a creature that is immune to fire damage, it is treated as only having resistance against it. You do not ignore this resistance.

Changelog: 10/17/16: Typos
10/18/16: Tiefling Requirement cut
True Hellfire: Does not also ignore resistance


  1. Typo: Dark Dealer
    "...At 1st level, you have a devil's /the/ silver tongue...".

  2. Is there a way to add the spellcasting bonus to fire damage like a dragonborn sorcerer and evocation mage coz right now the damage output seems low

    1. Or move the 18th level feature to a more accessible level

  3. Typo in the second sentence.
    "The traits have /sown/ up in"

  4. If draconic bloodline does not require being a dragonborn, I can't see why this would require being a tiefling.

    This seems like a VERY powerful bloodline. Not exactly overpowered, but on the verge.

    As it is now, True Hellfire lets you ignore immunity (because it is treated as resistance and you ignore resistance). this probably needs some rewording.

    1. Whoa I didn't even notice the racial requirement. Seconded. You should not be required to be a tiefling.

      Perhaps add a clause at the end of True Hellfire that specifies that you do not ignore this resistance. Or add True Hell fire as an improvement of Hell fire at 18th level instead of giving it its own feature. Then give wings or something else for the capstone.

    2. Huh, I'm getting a lot of different readings on this thing's power level. True Hellfire is only intended to turn immunity into resistance -- I'll try to reword that.

      I can drop the racial requirement if you guys think it's too restrictive. I wanted to float the idea in case it resonated particularly well.

      I might also merge Hellfire and True Hellfire, but this probably won't happen if the class is actually verging on being too powerful. If I _do_ merge the two, what should I put in the new capstone spot?

    3. I was just throwing ideas out. I think the simplest solution is to simply add a clause at the end of TH, specifying that you don't ignoreven that resistance.

    4. I think the power level is just where it needs to be, TBH.
      Perhaps editing Hellfire to read "...you ignore damage resistance, but not damage immunity" would make it clearer.

      Another great homebrew. Thanks!

    5. If you were to change the ability, something you could use is investiture of flame. Whether just using it as a base or having it fully accessible in some fashion is up to
      you. I thought of being able to cast the spell at will. It's a concentration effect, so it shouldn't be horribly too powerful. It's bumping your average damage by 23 if your hitting one target 10 feet from you, but like I said, it's concentration.
      Maybe limiting it to an amount of uses equal to Charisma Mod per long rest would alleviate the possibility of exploitation.

      Just my two cents

  5. Typo in third line of Descendant Fiend. Magical weapons that are/aren't silvered.

  6. I like dark Dealer. Somehow every game I run, my party always decide to make a deal with someone and always end up at with the short stick.

    Hellfire is very good, especially for first level. It's not too far off from being a bit too strong, but I think it's good for where it's at.

    I don't know how useful Descendant Fiend will be by the level you gain it. Of course it does fit with the theme, but by the time you reach level 14, not much out there is hitting you with physical damage that doesn't ignore non magical resistance. I think it'd still be useful when it does come into play, but it costs too much for what you're getting. I think extending the duration to 1 minute would make it much more appealing.

    True Hellfire seems to be in a good spot. I think that the extra damage is a bit weak for the level you get it, but there's not much you can base the extra damage off of that will scale with that level. It's not that big of a problem, so changing it isn't really necessary in my opinion.

    Overall, I think this one's really balanced and fits with the theme it's based off of. I'd be completely okay with someone using this as is.

  7. You know what would be cool? A Ghost Rider class, or maybe a Ghost Rider Otherworldly Patron.

    1. Already working on it, in fact, along with two other "superhero" patrons.

  8. Dark Dealer is essentially what my main character is. Version my DM made was essentially situational Expertise rather than advantage, but rogue multiclass/friends makes it much the same power level.

    I can get rolls of approximately 40 on opposed skill checks to get Gods and Devils to sign a contract I'd prepared earlier essentially binding them to whatever I, by the enforcement of the Nine Hell's legal department, want.

    Of course, this depends on how deep the player goes and prepares nearly as much as the DM, but it is definitely their most powerful ability. I'd suggest it as the capstone; you becoming an emissary of Mephisto, the second best dealer of Baator, giving you crossroads devil sort of rights.

    1. Reading the rest, Flavor point. A big part of the Blood War is that while the Demons have the numbers, they only have Resistance to Fire (cept Balors), making Pit Fiends' at will Fireballs cause big damage to the Demonic hordes while all Devils have full immunity.

      Being descended from Devils allowing you to do better than Devils at it, and turn it against devils, doesn't seem quite right.

      The flavor is right, but it's origin isn't. Hellfire gets around Resistances, but it's an experimental project that Mephisto had been dabbling recently (as of 3rd Ed) with. It's implied to be part of his working to eventually try taking over from Asmodeus, so cutting Immunity to resistance makes sense as well. But, this takeover hasn't happened in 5e lore so the Experimental Project that can let Devils kill Devils, wouldn't be widespread among Devils yet.

      I guess you could fluff it as Tiamat's insurrection in Rise of Tiamat causing some instablity and making the method leak... but Hellfire being Mephisto's pet project was kinda a big deal.

  9. If you're taking away the Tiefling racial prerequisite, it would make more sense to change the damage resistance from Descendant Fiend to fire. Or, to make the class still attractive to Tieflings, either let them choose between fire and cold, or say that if they already have resistance to fire they get resistance to cold.

    The class doesn't seem that overpowered to me. Dark Dealer is a ribbon ability. Hellfire and the second effect of True Hellfire are mostly flavor abilities, since the Sorcerer could just as easily cast a spell of a different damage type (since they aren't getting any other bonus to fire spells), enemies with damage resistance are fairly rare anyways, and it's only ever going to be as effective as a Fighter with a magical sword, since that bypasses nearly all resistance as well. Cold resistance is, likewise, a fairly marginal ability.

    That leaves Persistent Rebuke, the second effect of Descendant Fiend, and the first effect of True Hellfire to stand up against the other Sorcerer subclasses. Persistent Rebuke is nice, but not overpowered. The second part of Descendant Fiend is overpriced, but still useful in very niche situations; it forces the Sorcerer to choose between a Quickened firebolt and a defense boost. The first effect of True Hellfire might have balance issues, but as a capstone it's probably fine; that would be a flat +40 damage on meteor swarm, on top of Empower Spell.

  10. TBH it looks kind of weak, bypassing resistances is nice, but lv 1 abilities are mostly for flavor, also they do not get extra spells known and that sucks. Give them some devil spells or more damage to hellfire.